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Telling the Story

Everyone has a story to tell. Tell me yours, and I’ll turn that story into words on a page. I’ll capture your voice and your audience -- happy endings guaranteed.

I’ve written technical training documents that didn’t reduce the reader to snores. I wrote about cell phone cloning, radio frequency technology, restaurant payroll intricacies and other mystifying materials with clarity, focus and narrative.

In my years as an assistant to a political consultant I learned how to write to sell: press releases, brochures and campaign mailers. I acted as proofreader for the mail-order election novelties catalogue the agency mailed twice a year. I learned fast the importance of verification and accuracy -- an
  expensive print run turns to disaster if the colors of bumper stickers aren’t double-checked.

When I tell a story chances are it will be about food, food history and literature, or the influence of food on life -- and vice versa. A love story about bacon and eggs, the life of the pioneering food scientist and writer Edouard de Pomiane, a very personal tale of the politics of fasting -- there’s so much delicious stuff I’ve sunk my literary teeth into.

My writing has been featured widely online at the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts and Letters, and in print in Gastronomica magazine.

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P.S. I'm in Best Food Writing 2009! Read the story here.
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